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As The Wheel of the Year turns there are so many things to celebrate. The 8 Pagan Sabbats embellish this dish making it just right for each and every one. Hand made of white stone ware and impressed with a hand carved rubber stamp depicting the Sabbats. The piece is then kiln fired and colorful underglaze brings each Sabbat alive with color. A clear top coat and a second fire vitrifies and protects. This piece is food and dishwasher safe. This dish would make a wonderful addition to all your celebrations altars. 1. Samhain 2. Yule 3. Imbolc 4. Ostara 5. Beltane 6. Litha 7. Lammas/ Lughnasadh 8. Mabon This dish is approximately 5 1/2" around and 1" deep. The dish with the blue background ins the only one currently in stock. It comes complete with it's own handmade custom box suitable for gift giving. This listing is for one dish only, any other dishes or photo props are not included.

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Wheel of the Year Altar Dish

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