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Gypsy Wylde Art's newest product is like no other! You have not seen anything like this on the Web. These Handmade Porcelain Wands are hollow to allow you to customize the "core" with your own personal correspondences, spells and intent! General Information about Gypsy Wylde Art Original Hollow Wand~ This listing is for a beautiful hand made hollow porcelain wand. It is hand formed from porcelain clay and many are treated with a surface decoration while the clay is still wet. It then goes into the kiln for a bisque firing. Once that is complete the surface texture is enhanced with under glaze. Some are left free of a top coat so you can enjoy the fabulous texture and feel of the unglazed clay. These wands will pick up the oils from the owners hands and just become more beautiful over time. Some were treated with a transparent glaze in a number of different colors. Some were treated with a full on high fire glaze. All receive a second firing to totally vitrify them. Depending on your wand it may have been further embellished. Please see below for specifics and sizing for the wand listed. The hollow chamber of your wand allows you to customize it to your own intent. It can be filled with herbs, oils, feathers, gems or stones. Write your intent/wishes/dreams on small pieces of paper and roll up and insert inside. You can fill it with specific items for the different Sabbats. You create the "core" of your wand so it is totally unique to you! The rim is left unglazed so if you care to "seal" it this can be done with sealing wax. Additionally it can be left unsealed so the contents can be changed. These wands are high quality ritual or working tools and should be treated as such. To the best of my knowledge this is a totally original, exclusive idea that I developed and had to figure out how to bring to fruition. There were many challenges working with the clay medium to make a hollow cylinder. Of course after the initial clay bodies were made, fired, glazed and refired I worked a little unique mixed media magic on some of them while some were left in a more earthy state. The wands dictated to me through the whole creation process what form they wanted to take, I merely listened to the clay. Particulars of the Wand in the listing~ This info is specific to the wand you will be receiving. Each wand is hand made and is OOAK. This wand is 19 1/2 " from tip to the end of the cork, with the streamers it is 24" long. This wand has been is embellished with a pattern that is made to look like a dragon tail and the asymmetry just adds to that. It was kiln fired and underglazed, then fired again to completely vitrify. It has no top coat and will pick up oils from the users hand and just become even more beautiful over time. It has a simple leather thong attached with stainless wire running through the cork and is adorned with Leopard Jasper and coral. This wand comes complete with it's own hand made custom coffin box and is ready for gift giving. This is one of 40+ different, unique wands that will be made available in our Etsy store. Thanks for looking and please check out our other designs. This listing is for the wand only and does not include any crystals or other photography props.

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  • Handmade Item
  • Materials: Magic, Malachite stones, Porcelain clay, air, copper wire, cork, earth, fire, leather, rubber stamps, underglaze, water,
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